TuffRider has been the preferred choice of riders across all levels as the most functional, comfortable and affordable brand of riding products. With a variety of styles of breeches, show and sport apparel, outerwear, boots, half chaps and socks, as well as classic saddle pads and durable horse clothing, TuffRider provides quality products for the horse and rider both in and out of the show ring.
JPC's story is an international story of passion for horses and
determination to make a dream into reality.

In 1992, an accomplished horseman was having second thoughts about
the uncomfortable, expensive, synthetic clothing he-and his fellow riders-were stuck wearing. He knew he wasn't alone in his frustration.

Varun "Timmy" Sharma began researching, designing and working
tirelessly to build a new, forward-thinking clothing company: JPC. He took his unconventional apparel-made with comfortable, natural fibers-from his small JPC factory in New Delhi to the markets of Europe and America.

Soon, the American demand for Timmy's clothing led him to set up a JPC headquarters in Pennsylvania.

With a new American team of fellow horse riders and aficionados added
to the JPC family, the company has become the world's largest
manufacturer of rider apparel, and is sold to riders in more than 55
countries around the world.

JPC understands that quality, comfort and affordability are universals. Our work touches the lives of riders and their mounts around the globe. And it's each JPC team member's dedication to horse and rider that inspires the company to explore, pattern and fashion world-class clothing with the most innovative fabrics and painstaking craftsmanship.

Today, Timmy's mantra remains as pure and humble as it was nearly twenty years ago: Let's Ride.