Scully Leather
In Napa, California in 1906 the Scully Leather Tradition began with the manufacture of fine jackets and gloves. Over the next two years they expanded thir line to include luggage, leather fyling helmets, agendas, portfolios, briefcases, handbags, wallets and personal leather goods. The Smithsonian Institute and the Museum of Flight in Seattle, Washington began permanent display of several items because of Scully's involvement in historical events.
Scully Leather Utilizes only the finest leathers available. Each of our products is hand-crafted with a sincere regard for longevity and every possible concern for detail. We meticulously select our skins from only "A" grades with special attention to softness of hand and surface character. Because no two skins are the same, each product has a one of a kind personality that can adapt to an individual's style. Everyone of our leather products is crafted to our exacting standards, meeting the requirements of the most discriminating professionals. Whether you have a need for traveling accessories, general image enhancement, time management or computer briefs, Scully's fine Leather Collections are the perfect combination of luxury and convenience.